September Birthday Gifts - Sapphire Birthstones

September's birthstone is the sapphire. Send a luminous blue vase filled with an array of flowers in colors reminiscent of the midnight sky to someone celebrating a September birthday. Read more

Bouquets for those born in the month of September

Both Virgo and Libra born in the month of September share the sapphire as their birthstone. Named after the Greek word "sapphirus," meaning blue, the striking deep color of the sapphire is often compared to a cloudless sky. Ancient civilizations believed that the world was set upon an enormous sapphire, which painted the sky blue with its reflection. Sapphires have long been a favorite among royalty and scholars, who considered them symbolic of wisdom and purity. The sapphire is prominent among the British Crown Jewels, and Prince Charles chose this as the engagement stone for his fiance, Princess Diana. Sapphires were one of the late princess's favorite gemstones. Prince William, who inherited the ring from his mother's estate, gave it to Kate Middleton on their engagement in 2010.

Sapphire blue vases and bouquets for September babies

Sapphire is a true blue that will add bright color to the home or office of women and men, born in September. Did you know? Eryngium "Sapphire Blue" is a garden flower also known as sea holly noted for the steel blue coloration in the flowers, stems and foliage. We do not sell the thistle like plant, but take a look at our blue floral bouquets for more options.

Here is a poem "of unknown author", that you can recite to your September baby. It was first published by Tiffany & Co. in 1870:
A maiden born when September leaves
Are rustling in September's breeze,
A sapphire on her brow should bind
'Twill cure diseases of the mind.
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