June Birthday Gifts -  Pearl Birthstone

The white pearl is the June birthstone and the traditional gift for the Pearl (40th) wedding anniversary. Both Geminis and Cancers born in the month of June share this stone. Pearls have an iridescent sheen and a refined elegance.  In honor of June birthdays we present an array of pearly white gift bouquets, also perfect for Pearl Wedding celebrations.  

The pearl is not really a gemstone, but a calcium carbonate deposit produced in a shell of a mollusk; hard to believe that something so beautiful is produced from a grain of sand and a tiny shellfish. The Greeks referred to pearls as the tears of joy that the goddess of love cried as she was born from the sea, ancient Arab legend attributed the pearl’s origin to oysters drinking moonlit dewdrops, while the ancient Chinese said pearls came from the brains of dragons.
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