Hydrangeas are beautiful cut flowers that come in a variety of stunning colors including pink, soft blue and vibrant red. Many avid gardeners have at least a few of these flowering plants in their gardens and for good reason. These hearty plants offer color and life to any yard, garden or even centerpiece in the home.

Happy hydrangeas

With their lacey pompom tops in colors that range from China blue and pretty pink to dusty green and dramatic purple, hydrangeas epitomize lush beauty. The fourth wedding anniversary flower, hydrangeas add enduring grace to any flower arrangement. Each hydrangea plant or floral arrangement is hand-delivered by a local Teleflora florist. Same-day flower delivery available.

GardenersBlog.com reports hydrangeas have come a long way as new, or hybrid varieties continue to be invented in order to produce a gorgeous array of potential colors. The hues can also change depending on the type of soil the flowering plants are put in. For example, pink hydrangeas will turn blue when planted in acidic soil, while red varieties can be enhanced by adding a layer of limestone or chalk to the soil around it during the winter.

Aside from being color-changing, hydrangeas are also very hearty. They are disease-resistant for the most part, though they can be infected with mildew if planted in areas that are shady and humid, the news outlet reports. For best conditions, plant them in a sunny spot and offer plenty of water.

Although these flowering plants are used mainly in gardens, they are growing in popularity for bridal and other bouquets due to their vibrant hues. They are even beautiful when dried. Instead of throwing out your bouquet of hydrangeas when its colors start to turn muted, simply cut the ends off and let them dry out. They look fabulous in vases and help make a statement in the home.

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