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With depth, richness and warmth, orange flowers add sophistication and elegance to any floral arrangement. Same-day delivery available. Read more

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Symbolizing passion and confidence, a floral gift with orange flowers has the vibrant energy of fiery blaze or the calming hues of a sunset. Orange is a hue that many people associate with fall seasonal flower colors, as it can be seen in the changing colors of the leaves as well as the plentiful jack-o-lanterns families create for Halloween decorations.

Orange is a relative of red and has been known to evoke a variety of emotions from people. People tend to either love or despise orange, with few people in the middle. This differs from other hues, of which many can find at least one shade they relate to. Despite the controversy, fun and bright versions of orange radiate energy and warmth. In a physical sense, orange is known to stimulate a person's appetite as well as their activity levels. It's also a hue known to encourage socialization among both friends and new acquaintances. 

Orange has other important meanings, as it is the shade associated with fertility and reproduction. Native Americans used orange to represent kinship, while in Japan and China the hue symbolizes happiness and love.

Buy orange flowers to add drama to a room

In garden or home decor settings, orange is known as a warm color that can add excitement to standard designs. In gardens, orange flowers tend to stand out or pop in comparison to other hues, which can help bring focus to a larger garden, helping it feel more cozy. It also has the power to stand out on its own and adds spice to any room. You could buy orange flowers to add drama to a recently renovated family room. Placing a bouquet of orange flowers on a table in your foyer can also help friends, family and new visitors feel welcomed in your space from the moment they walk in.

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