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Be Happy Smiley Face Mug Bouquet

corporate gift-giving ideas

Whether your corporate gift acknowledges a special achievement or arrives from out of the blue, Teleflora is the right messenger for the job. Need help selecting a gift that strikes just the right note? Our guide below includes some of our best-selling gift baskets, plants and flower arrangements. You can feel confident that your gift will arrive fresh and beautiful and represent your company wonderfully.

Clients, customers, colleagues, business associates. Where would your business be today without them?

Bon Vivant Gourmet Gift Basket

Corporate gift baskets

Whether you're celebrating a successful team effort or thanking them for years of loyalty, Teleflora has the right corporate gift to express your gratitude. When it comes time to send a gift to a business, it's a nice idea to deliver something everyone in the office can enjoy. They say the way to the heart is through the stomach. Whether for the sweet tooth or health nut, Teleflora has a gift basket that will leave them happy. Make a sweet deal even sweeter by sending a decadent gift basket overflowing with enough sinfully delicious treats to share with the entire team.
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Fruit and Poinsettia Basket

Holiday corporate gifts

Show those who support your company throughout the year just how much they're appreciated with an exceptional holiday gift of flowers or a fresh gift basket from Teleflora. Healthy fruit in a gourmet food basket tells them you're thinking about their well-being, too. Do them a favor during their next snack attack by providing a healthful alternative to all those holiday treats and typical vending-machine fare: Their hearts – and waistlines – will thank you for this oh-so-thoughtful gesture.
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Now and Zen floral gift

Pamper a favorite customer with a taste of paradise

Certain customers deserve a special show of gratitude for their support and loyalty throughout the years. Maybe you can't send your favorite customers on a trip to the tropics, but this gift tells them you wish you could. Thank them for their business with an exotic tropical flower arrangement. Sitting atop a desk or conference table, a striking tropical display is a striking reminder of your gratitude.
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Be Happy Smiley Face Mug Bouquet

Celebrate a new merger or the closing of a new deal

Send this happy face mug of roses and daisies to everyone involved in the merger. It shows your faith in the prosperity of your union and lets your new client or partner know how happy you are and you're ready to celebrate the finalization of an acquisition of a deal.
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Exotic Grace Bouquet

Trying to woo a potential customer or corporate recruit?

Nothing says you're earnest about your offer like a spectacular, unforgettable arangement. A symbol of pure intention, sure to leave them impressed. Whether colorfully dramatic or quietly elegant, freshly cut flowers are a gift every business client or colleague can appreciate. These particular Teleflora flower arrangements are designed to reflect the innovation, style and excellence your company is known for. Show them that you think outside the box No matter what field you're in, success in business requires your company to walk the line between tradition and innovation.
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Yellow Fellow Bouquet

Thank top performers in your office

They work tirelessly to improve your company's bottom line. Show them their hard work hasn't gone unnoticed with a gift that's as exceptional as they are. Honor and celebrate an employee of the month with one of our best-sellers or thank you gifts.
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Teleflora's Peaceful Zen Garden

Surprise an overworked colleague with the gift of tranquility

Show your appreciation for the long hours and dedication of a fellow associate with Teleflora’s soothing Peaceful Zen Garden. Placed on a desk or elsewhere in their office, this Zen-like arrangement of succulents adds a calming note to an otherwise fast-paced environment.
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Teleflora's Good Luck Bamboo

Holiday gift for employees - let them enjoy a little nature while they work

In a world of cubicles, computer monitors and ringing phones, nothing could be more welcome than a living gift. Plants reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace and help purify the air. They beautifying the office and will add a fresh, soothing focal point to their work environment. Employees who suffer from headaches and tiredness may feel better working with a cactus next to their monitors. Cacti may counter the effects of radiation. Plants leave a lasting impression that will give them something to remember you by long after the holiday is gone.
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Teleflora's Imperial Purple Orchid

Honor the quieter members of the team

Every company needs its quiet workhorses, individuals who pull their weight and can be counted on to get the job done – and who rarely give word of complaint. Graceful stems of blooming orchids on a desk are as elegant as they are eye-catching. Longtime symbols of refinement and perfection, an orchid plant is sure to inspire excellence in them, too.
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