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Air purifying plants for the home and office

In today's society, going green and living better has become the norm. From people exercising more frequently and eating better to using all natural products in the home, these lifestyle changes seem to be here to stay. Breathing in fresh air is another important aspect in healthy living, as fresh air helps remove pollution from a home or office, offering those who breathe in a chance to expose their lungs to pure, filtered air.

You may not think about air purification when you decide to send a bouquet of flowers or house plants to a friend or coworker, however there are actually a variety of plants and flowers that have the power to purify.


Aloe plants are a great option as they are both beautiful and have a purpose. Mother Nature Network reports aloe plants, or aloe vera, are succulents that help clear the air of formaldehyde and benzene, byproducts of certain cleaners, paints and other household items. It may be smart to keep an aloe plant nearby if you are painting certain rooms in your home or are doing some major cleaning. Aside from helping to rid the air of chemicals, aloe also has a healing effect inside its branches. The gel inside works to heal cuts and soothe burns. At this time, Teleflora does not sell aloe plants but you may enjoy these succulents...

Serene Retreat potted plants

Colorful gerberas

You might assume that the best air-purifying plants are all in the greenery family, but that is actually not the case. In fact, colorful and lively gerbera daisies pack quite the air-purifying punch. These blossoms effectively rid the air of trichloroethylene, a chemical commonly found in clothes that have been dry cleaned. The flowers also work to filter out benzene that is commonly spread in the air by inks. Because of its super powers, this type of plant may be best reserved for the office, in a bedroom or the laundry room to have its abilities used to full potential.
Pretty in Pink Azalea

English Ivy

Other air-purifying plants include the English ivy, which works to reduce airborne fecal-matter particles and warneck dracaena that helps to combat pollutants from varnishes and oils. Chinese evergreen is easy to care for and removes a variety of pollutants in the air, while bamboo palm removes benzene and trichloroethylene.

To reap the most benefits, homeowners are encouraged to keep one large plant in the home for every 129 square feet, while between 15 and 18 plants are recommended to reap air purifying qualities.

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Spider plant (aka Airplane Plant)

Don't be afraid of the name - spider plants do not attract the eight-legged creatures, but rather got their title due to their flowy, long branches that resemble the legs of spiders. These lovely green plants also have tiny white flowers and are great for cleaning the air in a home or an office space. These plants work to eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene - the latter of which is a solvent used in rubber and leather. Spider plants may be the perfect option to keep on your desk at work, or to gift to one of your coworkers because the plant is hearty and doesn't require a lot of sunlight to thrive. This means you won't need to worry about watering or caring for it if you go on vacation or while you're home on the weekends. At this time, Teleflora does not sell spider plants but you may enjoy these five mixed plants in a ceramic container.

Rainbow Rays - Yellow Potted Gerbera


The gorgeous blooming azalea is a flowering shrub that has the capability to neutralize formaldehyde that can enter the home or office from foam insulation or new construction involving plywood. These plants are also beneficial, as they prefer to stay in cooler temperatures between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but do require some sunlight to thrive.

kalanchoe and ivy plant gift Basket of Joy

Health benefits of having house or office plants

Keeping house plants around your home or office boasts other real benefits as well, Bayer Advanced reports. Plants have been found to help people breathe easier due to the increase in oxygen levels they provide, as well as helping to keep necessary moisture in the home. The latter helps keep dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs at bay, according to recent findings from the Agricultural University of Norway.

To reap the most benefits, homeowners are encouraged to keep one large plant in the home for every 129 square feet, while between 15 and 18 plants are recommended to reap air purifying qualities.
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